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Financial Advice in JacksonvilleVisit Top Financial for free financial advice in Jacksonville, FL, during one of our no-cost consultations. Managing money can be difficult, especially when you are going through changes in your life. Whether you are interested in forming a long-term partnership with a financial planner  or just need advice for a single issue, our staff is here to help.

With more than 25 years of experience serving both private individuals and business owners, there are few problems we haven’t faced before. Rely on our expertise and industry insight to get the financial advice you need to meet your goals. Our free consultations are available at no obligation to you, so make an appointment with us today to get one step closer to achieving your ambitions.

When Should You Get Financial Advice?

While not everyone needs to meet with a financial advisor routinely, there are many points in life when you would benefit most from professional insight into your financial situation. One of these key moments is when you land your first job. No matter how much or how little you are earning, getting financial advice from an expert helps you determine how much to set aside for retirement and other savings, as well as how to best take advantage of employee benefits.

Another good time to seek a finance professional is when you get married or divorced. Beginning or ending a marriage is a big decision that has an impact on your finances. By involving a neutral third party in your financial discussion, you avoid making emotional mistakes. Likewise, it is beneficial to work with a financial advisor to determine how to pay for the care that aging parents need. Taking care of your parents is costly if they do not have enough money to cover their needs, so it is important to plan ahead and get financial advice for this expense.

When you are starting to look towards your own retirement, you should make sure to meet with a financial expert. It is important to begin planning well ahead of your expected retirement date, so experts recommend checking in with a financial planner in your 40s or your 50s at the latest — and of course you should begin saving long before then, if possible. In addition, when you are getting ready to pass on your wealth, speak with a financial advice professional about how to reduce estate taxes, set aside funds for final expenses, and establish beneficiaries, among other things.

Protect Your Wealth When You Get a Windfall

Whether you received a large inheritance, won the lottery, or got a large bonus from work, it can be difficult to determine how to deal with your good fortune. Many people end up squandering their windfall on unnecessary luxury items or ill-advised investments. Protect your wealth by seeing a financial advisor after receiving a large sum of money. Our team points you towards financial products that put your money to good use and grow it rather than waste it.

In addition, you should visit us for financial advice when you are worth a quarter of million dollars or a similar large amount. Even people with great financial sense can begin to react too emotionally when they accumulate a large sum of assets. Furthermore, when you begin to earn more money, more investment opportunities open up to you and more tax laws apply to your situation. Check in with an advisor to get insight on your circumstances and determine whether you should form a long-term partnership with a financial planner to make the most of your assets.

Connect with Our Firm for Online Financial Advice

Get the financial information you need without leaving your home. Although we encourage all clients to come meet us in person for their free consultation, we also provide advice online via our website. We understand that finding the time for an appointment is hard when you have a busy schedule, not to mention some people find it difficult to travel even short distances. That is why we offer an online advice portal in addition to our usual in-person sessions.

Utilize our web portal to get answers to common questions and basic online financial advice. You can also chat with one of our staff members via our instant messenger. Whether you are confused about different financial products or need some broad recommendations about your current situation, we look forward to assisting you with meeting your financial goals.

If you need any assistance accessing our advice portal, reach out to our staff. We will be happy to answer your questions and talk you through using the portal. You are also welcome to schedule a free in-person consultation any time in addition to utilizing our portal.

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